Wednesday 26 December 2012

Sit up - For beginners

From where you are in Dead Man Pose, raise your arms up over your head simultaneously inhaling, and sit up, keeping legs straight and heels on the floor. Use the force of throwing your arms toward your toes to help you sit up. Just before you reach the upright position, start exhalation and dive forward, reaching for your toes, which are flexed back toward you. Grasp them, laying your whole body and face out flat on your legs or at least touching your forehead to your knees. Touch the floor on either side of your legs with elbows.

Some people at first can find no way in the world, no matter how hard they try, to sit up - as though something big and fat is sitting on their chest. Others can do it, but their feet bounce two feet into the air as they do so (This is all right. You can even lift the feet farther and use their downward thrust to sit you up if you are having a great deal of trouble). Others can sit up keeping the feet firmly on the ground, then can't grasp their toes, much less touch even the forehead to the knees.

Do not let your particular state of unfitness discourage you! Give each sit-up your honest effort and in two months maximum you will do it exactly as we described.

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Drawings and info from "Bikram´s Beginning Yoga Class " Book, 1978.

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