Wednesday 13 March 2013

Kapalbhati in Vajrasana - Blowing in Fixed Firm Pose - For Beginners

The usual problem in this exercise is coordination. Again, its like patting your head while rubbing your stomach. Pulling the stomach in while blowing out will at first seem contrary to what is natural.

Pretend there is a candle about a foot in front of you. Put one hand on your abdomen just above your waist, then vigorously blow that candle out. Did you feel the midsection move inward? Contracting the stomach muscles is the only way to force a strong enough gust of air out of your lungs to extinguish a candle. That exhalation, with the accompanying inward movement of the abdomen, is all you are being asked to do.

But oh, the comical gyrations your stomach will go through as it tries to more in the right direction at the right time. So to help things along, start with the stomach completely relaxed and hanging out. Come on, this is no beauty contest. Let every muscle go. You may have to push it out to get it to sag if you've dedicates your life to holding it in.

Now look down at your midsection so you can see when you're getting the proper coordination. Blow out the candle and watch it contrast. Don´t blow out another candle till it has returned to its extended state. Adjust your rhythm to about one exhalation per second - or the time it takes to move your ''bellows'' in and then to let it relax

The only other catch to the Blowing Exercise is that those stomach muscles are the only part of you that is supposed to move - no shoulders, arms, or lower back jumping in sympathy with the abdomen. You'll get the hang of it quickly enough. And you're forcing every last drop of carbon dioxide out of your lungs, making room for fresh oxygen and improving elasticity. Your body isn´t used to such good treatment!


This last breathing exercise strengthens all the abdominal organs and increases the circulation. It also makes the abdominal wall strong and trims the waistline.

Read more about this poses benefits, pictures, video and tips from HERE
Drawings and info from "Bikram´s Beginning Yoga Class " Book, 1978.


Daniel said...

Blowing exercise is something I only started recently and I am surprised of the positive impact! It's great!

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awesome post.maybe i'll try this blowing exercise once in a while

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Nice Article.
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