Wednesday 21 September 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why Runners Love Bikram Yoga

1.You build lung capacity! From the first breathing exercise to the final posture, your lungs are stretched beyond their normal elasticity. You will find you are taking bigger and deeper breaths than you ever have before.
2.You sweat! For 90 minutes, you are exercising in a 105 degree room. Be prepared to sweat and detox. 90% of your body is made up of water. It’s important to flush toxins and rehydrate with fresh water to keep your body healthy and happy.
3.Improved cardiovascular activity! 90 minutes of Bikram yoga is equal to 90 minutes of jogging, as far as your cardiovascular system goes.
4.You can practice with an injury! Many runners find that at some point in their running career an injury surfaces. While you may have to break from running, you can always practice Bikram Yoga. It’s a great alternative when you can’t run, not to mention a quick way to get your body back in to shape.
5.Yoga heals old injuries! Injuries can remain dormant in your body for a life time. Whether you recognize it or not, old injuries affect your performance. Yoga works through the tourniquet effect of compression and release. As you practice yoga, circulation reaches these parts of your body and works like a pressure washer to clean out scar tissue and damage that has been done, restoring your body to it’s natural state.
6.You become bullet proof! It is true that Bikram Yoga is as mentally challenging as it is physically. The more you practice, the more you find you become bullet proof, stress proof, and heart attack proof. Nothing will be able to steal your peace.
7.Yoga makes you alkaline! Practicing yoga creates an environment in your body that makes you much more immune to sickness and disease. Your doctor will love you!
8.Yoga encourages healthy habits! The more you practice yoga, the more you find yourself making better choices for yourself. This includes lifestyle, diet and nutrition, and overall decision making.
9.You will have a better spine than you did when you were a kid! In Bikram Yoga, the natural body’s range of motion is restored and you will find your body starting to do things you haven’t done since you were 10!
10.Yoga is a path to self-realization! As humans our potential is limitless. We are 100% responsible for our experience on this planet! Acceptance of this is liberating and can bring infinite happiness and success to your life.


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