Friday 30 March 2012

Student Profile - Lisa

Instead of a traditional Student Profile, we have one of our yogis review of our studio and Bikram Yoga in general.

Bikram Yoga
 is my new Paradise!
 I started in Sept. with a discount package that took me to the 4 times a week for 4 weeks challenge that I just had to do! I have benefitted so much! My sleep is deeper and I recall the lessons in my dreams, the spiritual part of the process is very important for me. My skin is youthful and radiant, I look younger! I have lost mass in my fat rolls and have toned up incredibly.

 I like how not everyone is a "Yoga Body", I fit in. My thoughts are clearer, I'm more confident, calm and energetic. I could do most of the poses by the 5th week into my practise! The instructors are so friendly and helpful. I love it when they throw in information during a class that's not scripted, like what each pose is focused on.

 I'm addicted, Bikram Yoga Guelph is my new paradise! Sink in and dig it! 

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